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  SpORts League Scheduling

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Operations Research (OR) in sports - we offer an excellent planning system for professional sports league scheduling!


Thanks to our modeling system LPL we are able to elaborate schedules with complex constraints most effectively. We provide professionel sport leagues with our customized optimization-based scheduling software and services. Our solutions are available for all kinds of professional sport leagues and is currently used by different professional leagues in football, ice hockey and basketball.

Our goal is to provide our client with a best possible well-balanced schedule considering all needed league-specific constraints.
  • general play mode
  • maximize preferred venue dates
  • considering competing events and setting (fixed) games
  • accommodate partners (stadium operators, tv stations)
  • maximize revenues, minimize costs
  • consecutive games and spacing
  • round robin/opponent mode
  • considering sub-groups
  • home/away mode, breaks and spacing
  • any other league-specific scheduling constraints
We provide our clients with a complete customized schedule for each season or with a customized tournament sofware on license agreement - see short Documentation about Sport League Scheduling . See also our Tournament Flyer or our Tournament Brochure.
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