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  Products and Services


Our software LPL contains a powerful modelling language and a complete modelling environment and it is possible to specify complex mathematical models in a concise way. LPL is available in various versions:

  • As a complete, interactive point-and-click modelling system with an easy user interface,
  • As a console compiler to run long and complex batch jobs,
  • As a library which integrates the complete functionality of LPL into a specific application written in any programming language,
  • As an Internet Server, to centralize the solution of models on a power computer.

The software is available in all Windows versions (Win7/XP/2000). A version in Linux is in preparation (ask the prices).

LPL documentation and further white papers.


We offer a large palette of services : Consulting in optimisation techniques, complete client-specific implementations and integration in existing planning instruments. Furthermore, we organize workshops on the spot.

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