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Flyers of the company Virtual Optima
Flyer : Short text for our services (complete fyler here) (in German)
Mission : Short description of our mission, our products, our clients
Broschure : 4-pages description of various case-studies

Documentation of LPL
Product description and prices : Function overview / Packages / Prices.
README : Quick installation guide.
Installation Guide : Larger installations-Guide.
Referenz-Manual : Reference manual of the language LPL.
User-Manual : User manual of the modelling system LPL.
Tutorial : Tutorial containing 20-30 LPL model examples.
Short introduction
: Quick introduction into LPKL (3-pages).
Indexing : Index notation in Mathematics and Modelling Languages.
Model Variants : Various Model Types.
Lecture on LPL : A lecture with various applications

Short papers of case-studies with LPL (mostly in german)
ABB-2015 : Optimizing energy flow at ABB Finnland (2015)
ABB-cpmPlus : cpmPlus Report of ABB Finland (2013)
ASTAG-Artikel : Text from Magazin "Strassen-Transport" 3/2009 (german).
Weiterer Artikel : Text from Magazin "SwissMechanic" 9/2009 (german/french).
Tech. Rundschau : Text from Magazin "Tech. Rundschau " 1/2010. (german/french).
Kurzartikel : Text from SEV-Bulletin (ElectroSuisse) 2004 (german).
Präsentation : Slide-presentation (with antexis gmbh, 2004) (german).
ABB-Oz : Older report of ABB Finland (EnergY-Managing Project, 2004) (english).
Bank Wegelin : Currency optimization in bank Wegelin , 2004 (german).

Other papers of modeling & LPL
Introduction in Puzzlebook : The introductional chapter of the book: "Puzzles and Games, A Mathematical Modeling Approach, Department of Informatics, University of Fribourg, distributed at www.lulu.com/content/17362094, (2015)."
Introduction in Modeling : The introduction of the book: "Mathematical Modeling and Optimization, An Essay for the Design of Computer-Based Modeling Tools, Series on: Applied Optimization, Volume 31, (1999), Kluwer Academic Publishers, Dordrecht ."
Modeling I : Theory of modelling langauges (2004).
Modeling II : Theory of modelling langauges (larger paper) (2002).
Indextheory : Mathematical Index theory (2001).

Further documents
Software of tournament : Short paper of the tournament software of Virtual-Optima.
Software of tour-optimization: Short paper of the tourlib software library.

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