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  Try LPL online
  Choose one of the following models to try out LPL. Several model examples can be downloaded, executed and solved over the Internet:
Network Flow A small model to find the maximum flow for a given network.
Factory Location A model to find the locations at which the factories should be built in order to minimize construction and transportation costs.
Best Portfolio Find the best portfolio with a given risk aversion (maximize return/minimize risk).
Schedule Find the best schedule that minimizes the total tardiness of a number of jobs. (Be prepared to wait 60 secs for a result!)
Curve Fitting Find the best linear correlation line between two numeric vectors.
Zero-Sum Game Find the best way to play a particular number game.
Dressing Party Find the minimal cost to dress a guest of a party with particular clothing rules.
Random LP Find the optimum to a linear model with randomized data (with 15 variables and 15 constraints).
  Many more models can be found here at the Mainmodel Page of LPL