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Virtual Optima develops software in the realm of mathematical optimisation . It is well known that many problems in supply chain management, as well as in production planning, scheduling, and workflow management can be solved today using mathematical exact methods. Till recently, however, these techniques were difficult to apply and use in industry. Thanks to the development of mathematical modelling languages and point-and-click modelling systems, many problems can now be specified and solved in a fraction of time on a computer. The software LPL is such a system. It can be used for many decision problems in industry. It is cheap and easy to use and can be adapted or integrated in existing applications of a company :

The software LPL can be used to optimise :

  • Production- and net flows
  • Strategic locations of plants and equipment
  • Portfolios and to find investment strategies in wealth management
  • Risk and to evaluate optimal risk distribution
  • Allocation of resources (manpower, materials)
  • Stocks and logistic strategies.
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